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Warmth and love is at the heart of your visit

Extended living room

Restaurant Familjen was selected Most loveable restaurant of the year by White Guide in 2018.

We want Familjen to be an extension of a living room, a room where everybody feels at home. The urban citizen of today spends a lot of time in restaurants and bars, a fact that makes the name Familjen feel very natural to us. Warmth and love is at the heart of your visit. You, as a guest, are part of our family.

Local produce

Modern West Swedish Gastronomy is a keyword that characterizes the food to be served on the Family. We rely on our acquaintances among the local fishermen, butchers and farmers, and allow their produce to guide us when we compose our menus. This is the reason why the menus sometimes change with short notice. We hope that you understand that this is in order to always be able to serve the best local produce that our surroundings have to offer.

Fantastic drinks

Familjen has always been famous for its amazing cocktails. Our bar chef Tom Surma, together with his fantastic bartenders, creates as much atmosphere and love as their amazing cocktails. There is always a possibility drop in for a drink. Extra cosy it may be during the summer when our lovely outdoor dining bar is open.

Opening hours

Monday-Saturday from 17:00-late
Sunday closed


We are inspired by everything that is best of our season and cook it with love


Every drink is mixed with lots of love


Strawberry and sorrel
Sorrel and straw 138-
Hernö gin, sherry, strawberry syrup, lemon, sorrel foam from Lilla Labäck ( contains egg white )

The boozy 138-
Naked Grouse, Zucca, Herbasaint, strawberry syrup

All about lilacs 138-
O.P.Anderson Klar, lemon, lilac syrup, tonic, lilac sorbet

The boozy 138-
Hernö gin, Moscato d`Asti, sherry, lilac syrup

Coriander and currants
Carry me to Labäck 138-
Calle 23 blanco tequila flavoured with coriander from Lilla Labäck, Giffard cassis, lemon, currant syrup, currant vinegar

The boozy 138-
Gunroom rhum flavoured with coriander from Lilla Labäck, O.P. Petronella, mezcal, cocchi vermouth amaro, e bitters

Familjens Bloody mary 145-
O.P.Anderson, Familjens bloody mix with fennel dill, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, sherry vinegar, salt, pepper




Ask your waiter for tonight’s special cocktail.


We always try to offer the whole drink list without
alcohol, with some adjustments.


Hernö Old Tom gin 149-
Carved ice, lime, Fever-Tree tonic.

Hernö Navy strength gin 159-
Carved ice, grapefruit, Fever-Tree tonic.

Stockholms Bränneri dry gin 139-
Carved ice, lemon, Fever-Tree tonic.

Stockholms Bränneri OAK gin 149-
Carved ice, orange, Fever-Tree tonic.

Hendrick’s gin (5 cl gin ) 149-
Carved ice, black pepper, cucumber, Fever-Tree
Elderflower tonic.


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A gift card for a dining experience is the perfect gift

We have chosen to make a gift card that applies to all our restaurants in the Kock & Vin group. Koka, the Family, Björns Bar & Persson at the Wharf. You choose the amount you wish for the gift card and how many gift cards you want. The gift card is valid one year from the date of issue. Our gift cards are sent by mail, the following day with standard mail. If you are out in the last minute you can always go to one of the restaurants during regular opening hours to get a gift card the same day. Note that we only accept Swish-payment in our web shop. You will have the Swish-number in the confirmation mail.


Opening hours: 

Monday-Saturday from 5:00 p.m. – late
Sundays closed